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Are you trying to make money online as an affiliate?

How are you doing so far?

Are you making any money from all your promotion?

What kind of affiliate websites are you promoting?

Clickbank? WarriorPlus? JVZoo? Payspree?

These sites are some of the best to join in order to make money online as an affiliate but sometimes it can be very hard to make just a single sale – especially if you are trying to make sales from a Clickbank product – and here is why..

Clickbank has thousands and thousands of members trying to sell products as affiliates and they usually log into Clickbanks marketplace and find a product they want to make money from, – then they get their ‘hoplink’ and start promoting the product..

And then here is what happens next…

Someone saw your ad and is very interested in buying it but instead of buying from your hoplink, that person log into his/her own Clickbank account – find the same product – get his/her own hoplink and buy from that instead fo yours…!

Yes, they buy from them their own link and get the product very cheap because they make 50-75% commissions on every sale made from their affiliate link..

Did you get it..?

People are doing this all the time – not only with Clickbank but also with WarriorPlus, JVZoo, etc. as well, and that’s why it can be very hard to earn a good income online as an affiliate!

And that’s just about how hard it is to be an affiliate – and how about all the traffic you will need to drive potential customers to your affiliate page..?

QUESTION: Do I need my own website?

ANSWER: Yes you need your own website and hosting account, but you can get it all for under $10 a YEAR – I show you how.

QUESTION: I already have my own domain name and hosting account – can I create a subdomain in my existing account and use this?

ANSWER: Absolutely you can.

QUESTION: Do I need to know anything about how to build a website and get it online?

ANSWER: Absolutely not – it’s a so called ‘copy-paste’ system and  I walk you through the whole process – if you just follow me step-by-step you will be up running in under an hour.

QUESTION: What about the free Search Engine traffic you talked about – how do I set this up?

ANSWER: After setting up your page you will understand how and why you will get traffic from Search Engines in the future without ever lifting a finger.

QUESTION: I’am a complete newbie online, is this for me?

ANSWER: Absolutely, – you don’t need to know anything about online marketing – this system is so simple that a 12 years old kid could do this. As long as you just follow the step-by-step process in the members area you will be up running in no time – trust me!