Backlinks 2017 CheatSheet

Backlinks 2017 CheatSheet

​Recommendations, Tips and Research to Build a Bulletproof Link Profile

Backlinks: Relevant, Necessary and Crucial for Success in Search Ranking

As much as some would like to believe, backlinks are not dead, and in fact remain a critical piece in your search engine marketing puzzle. While the days of simply throwing thousands of links to your pages and having Google come running are long gone, a well-balanced, diverse link profile is still essential for ranking well in the search results.

My name is Keith Thompson, and I’ve been working for many years with top digital marketing agencies and my own clients to build backlinks and I’ve put together The Backlinks 2017 Cheatsheet as a resource that will help you locate and acquire the best, most relevant backlinks possible to your pages.   

Inside you’ll find top resources, best practices, websites, tools and my top 21 sources for effective backlinks in 2017. These are working now, and will get you on the road to better rankings!​

Hand this useful guide to your outsourcers, VAs or staff, (or use it yourself!) and get the ball rolling for better rankings in 2017!

Much of the advice you find online is outdated, and doesn’t take in the realities of the constant updating of the Google search algorithm.

​Employing the wrong linking strategies is almost worse than not doing anything at all. Don’t let yourself become a victim and have to endure Google penalties.

It is next to impossible to rank a page in Google without at least a few incoming, relevant backlinks.

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This handy cheatsheet will help you jumpstart that always dreaded but necessary task of getting backlinks to your pages.​ Don’t put it off for one more day! Get started now!I won’t even put you through OTO hell; that’s right, no add ons. Just what you need, no fuss, right now, the way we like it! ​