Dear Internet Marketer,

Although there are many rumors that banner ads no longer work they are still the most popular and most powerful way to advertise online.

According to Comscore studies the average person is served more then 1,700 banner ads per month.

Online Banner Advertising Spend In the United Stated Increased From $6.23 Billion in 2010 to $10.27 Billion in 2014


In a moment I’m going to show you these ads and they may look damn UGLY to you. Well, after many tests it was proven that ugly, text-based ads get MORE CLICKS then the beautiful, professional-looking banners that no one care to even look at! More about it soon…

Ok, you may ask yourself now:

From Banner Ads?!

Banner ads are an incredible way to send more traffic to various products & offers that will make you more money! Here are some ideas:

  • Create your very own banners ads and promote your own products using Google Adwords, Bing or other networks
  • Promote affiliate products on your blog – finally fully monetize your traffic!
  • Do you have Amazon/Affiliate review sites? Put a powerful banner on your sidebar and send it to a bestselling affiliate offer
  • Send people to your capture page and build a highly lucrative list
  • Start offering banner design services on Fiverr (or to offline clients!)

Sounds so good, doesn’t it?


Creating Your Own Banner Graphics Can Be a Ridiculously Gruelling Work…

If you don’t consider yourself to be gifted in graphics & design, starting from ground zero can be very difficult.

  • If you want to do it all yourself, prepare to spend $699 for Photoshop first. Then spend at least few months in frustration to learn just the “basics” of this monstrous graphic program. Then even more time learning about the banner dimensions, color dynamics, contrasts and font selection.
  • If you want to hire a pro graphic designer, prepare to spend at least $60 for 1 unique banner ad in 10 sizes. Then wait for at least 3-4 revisions… and sometimes few weeks before you get “exactly what you wanted”. How annoying could it be?
  • If you want to go the “cheap route” and get $5 banners on Fiverr… go ahead. But please answer this question. Is your business worth $5? Your banners represent you and how you position yourself. With cheaply put together “Fiverr quality” banners you can’t really expect much.

Fortunately enough I have a MUCH better solution that will eliminate all these frustrations and headaches!

Forget About Trying to Learn Photoshop in Pure Agony… Or Spending A Small Fortune on Graphic Designer… or Wasting Your Precious Times on Unreliable Outsourcers…

Prepare to be blown away!


Banner Ninja 2.0

Grab 40 Money-Making Banner Templates That Will Get You More Clicks Than Anything Else on Planet Earth!


Who Is This Graphic
Package For:

  • Internet marketers
  • Affiliate marketers
  • Media buyers
  • Graphic designers
  • Product vendors
  • PLR re-sellers
  • Offline marketers

Where Can You Use
These Banner Templates:

  • Create stunning banner ads for your own products on Google Adwords and other networks
  • Promote affiliate products on your blog – finally fully monetize your traffic!
  • Do you have Amazon/Affiliate review sites? Put a powerful banner on your sidebar and send it to a bestselling affiliate offer
  • Send people to your capture page and build a highly lucrative list
  • Start offering banner design services on Fiverr
  • Offer banner design services for offline clients (extremely profitable!)

Here’s Why You’ll Absolutely Love Banner Ninja 2.0:

  • Get 40 Unique Banner Templates (9 Sizes Each – Total 380 Variations) – Enjoy these attention-grabbing banners that will get you more clicks than anything else. These banners were almost scientifically crafted to create an eye-ball smacking effect. Be cautious!
  • Lower Your Advertising Costs by Increasing Click-Trough-Rate (CTR) – In many ad networks (like Google & Bing) the higher percentage of people click on your ad, the lower your advertising costs. That means with these hypnotic banner ads, you’ll be able to crush your competitors and save a ton of money!
  • Double Your Profits Instantly – Send your blog/website visitors to best-selling affiliate offers using attention-grabbing banners you just can’t miss. Don’t lose visitors anymore and fully monetize them each and every time.
  • Hassle-Free 1-Minute Customization (Photoshop Needed) – editing these premium ‘done-for-you’ banner graphics is extremely quick & easy. All you need is Photoshop (you can get Photoshop CC for just $9.99 a month)! A video training explains how to edit these templates in literally seconds! No technical skills are needed.
  • Eyeball-Smacking Design For Maximum Conversions – All the banner templates are really response-driven ads that WILL get you clicks. Yes they may look ugly, and yes they get more clicks because of that. I actually spent a lot of time on them and I implemented is a lot of ninja psychological stuff for maximum results.
  • Eliminate Outsourcer Delays – do it yourself quicker with no more headaches! Get exactly what you want. Take a full control over your business.
  • Save Money Smartly – forget about hiring expensive graphic designers.
  • Stay Safe with the Law – photography & graphics license violations are a big thing nowadays. Stay safe from risky lawsuits and expensive fines. All the graphics here were created by me and I have full rights to them.
  • Make Easier Money From Your Client’s Work – all graphics come with developer’s rights so now you can create impressive banner graphics in literally minutes!
  • Explore Your Imagination with an Unlimited Flexibility – you can literally change anything in these templates! Change the background color, font size, font style, photos, move things around. It’s all showed in the video training and it’s ultra simple! Your imagination is your limit! Have fun!
  • Make Easy Profits From Your Offline Clients – create stunning banner ads in minutes for your offline clients for quick & easy profits.
  • Resell the Full Product for 100% Profit – tap into a rapid, trend-exploding niche. People are making hundreds of thousands of dollars selling website and graphic templates. You can’t go wrong with it.

Here’s How Easy It Is To Customize These Banner Templates

In this video I explain step-by-step how to customize & use these fabulous banner ad templates:


I’d Also Like To Add Couple Of Rare Bonuses Free Of Charge:


The Ultimate Resource For Free Graphics Online Report ($27.00 Value)

Discover little-known places online where you can get free icons, backgrounds, patterns, fonts, public domain images and so much more cool free stuff! You’ll be absolutely amazed!


VIP Access To “Graphics Mystic” Facebook Group ($27.00 Value)

Imagine a place where you’ll be able to get new, fresh graphics every week for 100% free. This VIP Facebook group is for everyone to share cool free resources, graphics, templates and other useful things.


Simple-To-Follow Video Trainings ($27.00 Value)

Inside these quick video trainings you’ll learn how to change the graphical boxes. Even if you’re a complete beginner and “technically challenged”, these step-by-step videos will be all you need to customize your graphics!


10 Mobile Squeeze Pages ($27.00 Value)

Are you looking to start building a money-making list? Now you can with 10 mobile-optimized, professional squeeze page templates.

I know you’re getting super pumped up right now so let me go straight to the point.

You May Expect To Pay $197, $297 Or Even $497 For Such An Exclusive Graphic Package…

And don’t get me wrong, it’s well worth that price.

Yet, I know that you are smart and you know you can get a BETTER deal. And that is true.

Think about outsourcing just 40 unique banner graphics. For $50 a pop that’s $2,000 right here!

Or think about doing it all yourself and spending the next few months learning the tricks of the trade of Photoshop.

Before I’m going to reveal to you my special, discounted price, I’d like to show you what you’ll get exactly.

Here’s What You’ll Get:

  • 40 Unique Banner Templates ($2,000.00 Value)
  • BONUS #1 – The Ultimate Resource For Free Graphics Online Report ($27.00 Value)
  • BONUS #2 – VIP Access To “Graphics Mystic” Facebook Group ($27.00 Value)
  • BONUS #3 – 180-Day Free Email Support ($27.00 Value)
  • BONUS #4 – Simple-To-Follow Video Trainings ($27.00 Value)
  • BONUS #5 – 10 Mobile Squeeze Pages ($27.00 Value)
  • FAST-ACTION BONUS – Developer’s License ($27.00 Value)

That Brings In A Total Value Of: $2,162.00

And to be honest, it’s well worth such a price.

Still you won’t need to pay that, NOT EVEN a fraction of it…

Special Discount

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The price may INCREASE at any time. So don’t hesitate and invest smartly in a lifetime all-access pass to Banner Ninja 2.0. You can’t go wrong with this investment and it will pay off quicker than you think!

Why It’s Just $27?

Here is the main reason why I’m charging only $27 for this premium package. $27 is a price majority of people can afford. I’m able to capture a wider market. With getting more customers I’ll be able to offer them more products & offers in the future and expand my business. Plus by giving more value for the lower price I’m gaining a customer for life!

So if you’re serious about exploding your business this year, scroll down and click the “Add To Cart” button now. If you still can’t wrap your head around this expense, skip getting a coffee at Starbucks once this week and it’s paid for.

Unconditional Double Money-Back Guarantee

Guarantee #1
Try Banner Ninja 2.0 risk-free and if for any reason you won’t be totally astonished by these click-pulling banner graphics, just send a support ticket to  and I’ll refund you every penny. No questions asked & no hassle.


To Your Success,

P.S. You absolutely don’t want to delay! The price can raise at any time with no further notice (it increases every few sales)! Instead of paying $34.00, you can get the full, ultimate package for only $27. What a saving! Remember, the price may INCREASE at any time!

P.P.S. You have absolutely, positively nothing to lose! With a double money-back guarantee all the risk is on me. Try these banner templates for the next 60 days and then decide if it was worth the investment. Don’t decide now!

P.P.P.S. Just imagine for a moment how much time & money you’ll be able to save with this miraculous banner templates package. Increase your profits, lower your advertising costs and resell for MASSIVE profits!