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Make Blogging Productive AND Profitable By Mastering a Few Key Practices

You Could Be the Next

Blogging Superstar!

You’ve heard how blogs can build fortunes and create celebrities. You’ve benefited from others’s skills and expertise. And you know that you have a message to share with your readers that will benefit them.

But you’re probably wondering why this blogging thing works for others but not for you?

I hate to be blunt…but you’re probably putting all your efforts into the wrong things. But all is not lost. If you’ve got a message, I guarantee you there’s an audience who desperately want to hear what you have to say. Unfortunately, they probably don’t know how to find you.

If you are reading this, you take your blog and content marketing seriously, but that’s not enough. You need a guiding hand to lead you so you can get to your ultimate goal.

Clear the cobwebs, and get help. Your blog can flourish without breaking your heart or your wallet. In fact, done right, you might be one of those who can actually give up the daily grind to focus on your passion.

Blogging is not just writing. There’s a big difference between being a writer and a publisher. The best writers in the world are often terrible businesspeople. And being a successful blogger – think publisher – depends on your success as a businessperson. And there is so much to successful blogging online. But the good part is that it’s not hard. You can finally stop making excuses and focus on achieving your dreams.

We’ve divided the course into clearly defined modules, so you won’t get overwhelmed with all the skills to learn.

We’ll give you specific activities to complete to make sure you implement what you learn,

…along with a Workbook to take notes and complete the activities.

You’ll get a Summary Checklist to keep by your side and refer to whenever you need a reminder of the key points from the course.

And you’ll also get graphics and resources to help you remember what you’ve learned and to put it all into action.

Modern Trends in Blogging

We’ll start off by discussing modern trends in blogging and what the most successful bloggers are doing.

Take a close look at what’s not working in today’s blogosphere and what your metrics tell you should be going on with your blog.

Define Your Audience

The reader profile, or avatar, is often a very confusing concept for bloggers (and copywriters, business people and authors).

Discover the key to unlocking this secret without breaking a sweat. By the end of this module, you’ll know exactly who you’re writing for and how to pinpoint the things they want to hear about in your blog.

Create Captivating & Shareable Content

Module 2 made reader profiles much easier than you ever found them before, now we’ll get into the nitty-gritty of content creation…. How to take a big bunch of Quantity and put it through the grinder till the Quality comes out the other end.

We also go into the all-important formatting that makes pro content stand out from the posts that earn amateurs nothing but silence and bounces in the blogosphere.

Share Your Posts for Maximum Reach and Engagement

We’ve gone into some depth about finding your ideal reader and creating the ideal content, so now we’ll move on to social media, which is a fun way to interact with your readers and get your content out there.

Automate your social media syndication using some effective tools and combine your efforts with the tools the pro marketers use for the highest ROI in digital marketing.

How to Monetize and Turn Your Blog into a Profit-Making Business

By this point, you’ve clearly defined your niche, your reader, your content creation plan, and your social marketing strategy.

In this module, you’ll learn different ways to monetize your content and your interactions with your readers and followers. We’ll help you discover the gold in your content and turn it into cash.

How to Create a Consistent Habit for Success

Everything you have learned so far is a foundation that needs consistent application. Here’s where you’ll find out how to create strong writing habits and structure a process that works for you.

Blogging is not a one-size-fits-all pastime and without creating a process that suits your specific strengths and weaknesses, your hard work will continue to be undiscovered greatness.

Blogging Like a Pro is the Key to Survival
in the Blogosphere of the 21st Century

It’s time to stop “trying out” blogging
and start mastering it.