The Bonuses Strategy

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So now that you know that bonuses are crucial to your online income, what are you going to do about it?

Well, here is the thing, you could create your own bonuses from scratch and there’s nobody stopping you from doing that.

But the truth is these bonuses are not easy to create.

So You Have 3 Options  To Create Quality Bonus Content For Your Affiliate Promotions.


Create The Bonuses Yourself 

If you’re just starting out, this can end up being EXTREMELY time-consuming and complicated.

And even if you’re really good at creating your own bonuses to go with affiliate promotions you’re doing, over time this can become a big pain in the butt. It’s ideal to have a unique bonus with every affiliate promotion, so that means you’re doing a lot of work if you do it all on your own.

Outsource Creation Of Bonuses

This is a MUCH better way to go for most people… especially newbies. Although outsourcing reduces the time it will take to create awesome bonuses, it can be expensive to hire people to create these for you.

It can easily set you back $200-$500+ to create one high-quality bonus.


OR, Let Us Do ALL Of The Work For You!

But You Will Never Get Results Like This 

If Your Bonuses Stink…

That’s where most people have this ALL wrong…

A crappy, poorly designed cover can easily drop your conversion rates! Contrary to the popular saying “don’t judge a book by its cover” everybody DOES judge a book by its cover! Especially in the online world. 

Its crucial to have professionally designed attractive eBook covers, or else all your hard work goes down the drain.

Offering Low-Quality Bonuses WILL HURT YOU  more than it helps you…

You need quality bonuses.Bonuses that are actually valuable and useful… Not only do we profit like crazy by using bonuses for affiliate promotions…We’ve also used bonuses to build our lists faster than ever!If you’re not using bonuses in your online business, you’re at a MASSIVE disadvantage… Having quality bonuses in your business are a requirement in 2017 and beyond!


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