FREE Traffic Method

FREE Traffic Method

Some People Are Going To Be Mad At Me For Revealing These Tactics, Just Have A Look At MY RESULTS Below…

Dear Struggling Internet Marketer,

My name is Ram Rawat & I’ve Teamed up with Affiliate Marketing ExpertPallab Ghosal.

You have arrived at this page because you probably already know the importance of instant commissions & building an email list. You probably know how to pick a niche, build websites, create squeeze pages, shoot videos and do social media and other easy stuff…

There is only one thing missing… how to find the people that want to buy things, bring them to your offers and build your list at the same time…

“But, isn’t it everyone continually teaches on how to do all of the EASY stuff, but it’s rare to hear about how to get TRAFFIC?”

RESULTS: Lots of websites…software…webinars…hangouts, but NO profits.

“STOP Wasting Your Hard Earned Money On Every Other Get Rich Quick Schemes, Magic Softwares, Loopholes & Secret Reports, They Just Don’t Work.

Every Day A Marketer Is Claiming To Have A New FREE Traffic Method. But Do They Work?

While exploring for FREE traffic methods, I got shocked when I stumbled upon a review video done by my friend – Pallab Ghosal. 

He was promoting a product which was launched like 2 hours ago. I was stunned looking at the statistics – 1237 views in just 2 hours. He was promoting the product by ranking his video on top of YouTube search results. 


“2 days later my mouth dropped to the floor, when I saw Pallab at 3rd position on leaderboard promoting the same product (He made $451.26 in affiliate commissions).”


I Impelemted It. Got Results In Less Than 24 hours!

I had never tried FREE traffic before. I approached Pallab and shared my objective of learning new traffic source. I already knew he’s an expert with YouTube, but I was skeptic to ask about FREE traffic.

Being a good friend he shared his SECRET formula. I call it – ‘9 Min Comm’.

Pallab shared one simple trick on how he is making easy money with affiliate promotions from FREE YouTube Traffic by ranking the videos with a unique trick.

The method he shared is simple to implement yet highly effective for the results.

“I Implemented This Unique System & Made $41.36 In First 24 Hours By Simply Ranking One Video.”

“It works! Free traffic does exist.”


Impelemted It AGAIN. Got SIMILAR RESULTS! It Worked EVERY Single Time!

“Next Morning I Checked The Stats On My JVzoo Account, I Had 23 Visitors, 3 Sales & Made $60.07

“And I Made $74.81 A Morning After That…”

Once I started getting good no. of visitors, from each video, I built the list. Easy 50 – 80 higly targeted leads a day, that too from FREE traffic.

Further promotions with the new susbscribers took me upto easy $150, $200, $300, $400 a day. All these results from this unique FREE traffic system. 


With This System You:

  • DON’T have to be good at sales,
  • DON’T need sales copy,
  • DON’T need technical experience,
  • NO product creation

Or any complicated strategies like that, you don’t need to give up your entire weekend slaving over a project, you don’t need to wait days, weeks or months to see results and you don’t need any money at all.

All you need is the computer you’re at right now and an internet connection.


I’ve struggled HARD with making money online in the past..I know that dreadful feeling far too well.

Over the years I’ve bought dozens of WSOs to no avail… and until I came up with the FOOLPROOF strategies I’ll show you, nothing really worked!

If I can make money with it, then you can definitely make more than me… Seriously!!!

I’m living proof that this system can work for just about anyone willing to learn a little bit about how it works and…






Instead Start Doing SIMPLE Things That REALLY WORK!!! “