Golden Keywords Course

Golden Keywords Course

“Discover The Ultimate Secrets to $1855.206 Daily With 100% Free GOOGLE Traffic!”

Fast Track to Keyword Success

I prefer teaching through examples because from my experience it makes the learning process SIMPLE. This module starts off with a simple example and then quickly expands upon it to advance your keyword research knowledge.eyword tools can’t be correct if they all provide different numbers.

Here’s What You’ll Learn In Module I:

  • The 4 biggest search cycles that most webmasters FALSELY believe they don’t need to know
  • One little example that’ll make your understanding of keyword research crystal clear
  • The top keywords that’ll get visitors to purchase something from YOUR site (illustration provided )
  • Fool-proof formula for maximizing success with keywords
  • How to “drastically” make keyword research easier
  • If your site doesn’t do this then I guarantee your conversions will always be piss-poor
  • The secret to getting #1 conversions (illustration provided)
  • How my original method keyword elucidation builds a virtual profile of your visitors
  • A winning formula for getting exclusive market data


Demystifying the Magic Behind Keyword Tools

A fatal mistake newbies make is investing in keyword tools without knowing how they work. I’m a firm believer in understanding this so that you can exploit them to the fullest. I explain the logic behind keyword tools and what this means for your online business.

Here’s What You’ll Learn In Module II:

  • WARNING: Don’t buy another keyword tool until you read this section!
  • (Keyword Tools Exposed ) why your beloved keyword tool is spitting out WRONG data
  • My original research titled the secret to how keyword tools work. This may totally change how you do keyword research
  • The TRUTH about keyword tools and where they get their data
  • The most IMPORTANT details you should know about the keywords you’re targeting
  • How to do professional keyword research with free tools
  • How to know exactly how much traffic a keyword brings your site
  • How to know what keywords visitors are using to find your site

Hard To Find Keyword Discovery Methods

Depending on the market you’re entering other methods may be better for finding lucrative keywords to target. In this module you’ll learn a plethora of keyword discovery methods that doesn’t require Keyword Planner.

  • An overlooked method for finding quality keywords using Wikipedia
  • How to use social media sites for cutting-edge market analysis
  • Free tools for finding perfect topics to blog about
  • How to use keyword balloon to rapidly expand your keyword lists (illustration included)
  • How common house items can surprisingly help YOU discover profitable keywords
  • How one little tweak of a keyword can increase its traffic
  • How to use keyword stemming for QUICK and EASY search engine traffic

I’ll Show How to Build Evergreen Traffic With The Perfect Mix Of Keywords

This is another digital book about keyword research that I’ve written. It’s entirely different from GKC as it shows a different prospective to picking golden keywords. Let’s face it some books are just not for you. Even though I worked extremely hard so make GKC perfect there’s no such thing as a perfect product.

Therefore, to combat this I created two complete courses on keyword research! If you don’t like GKC then Golden Keywords Supreme will be the perfect fit for you. Read what webmasters had to say about Golden Keywords Supreme.

Here’s What You’ll Master in Golden Keyword Secrets

  • How to trick Google into giving you TONS of money making keywords
  • How to use Bing to unmask NEW profit making keywords
  • How to use Yahoo to tap into new evergreen keywords
  • A FREE mind-blowing tool that’ll provide you with more quality keywords than you can handle
  • How to STEAL your competition’s BEST keywords
  • A stupidly simple method for monitoring the most searched keywords on the web
  • How to use ghost search engines to unlock amazing profitable keywords
  • How to use AOL to find HOT new keywords
  • How to use Excite to discover hidden traffic opportunities
  • How to use the popular meta search engine Dogpile for hyper lucrative keyword opportunities

Q: What do I get when I order Golden keywords Course (GKC)?
A: Three mind-blowing courses about keyword research from award winning seo author. Golden Keywords Course (GKC), Golden Keywords Supreme, & Golden Keywords Secrets. It’s like if you ordered three separate books about programming from the same author. Each book is totally unique and provides different insights into keyword research. In addition, you’ll get unlimited updates for a year, 24/7 access to customer support forum, and 6 months of epic bonuses for a low one-time price.

Q: What’s exactly inside GKC?
A: This is the number one course about keyword research. It works fast because it educates the reader on every single facet about this process. Most webmasters get this process entirely wrong as they think it’s nothing but typing text into a tool and getting tons of data back… that’s all wrong! Keyword research is a science I’ll show you how to pick the right keywords for your business and how to fully understand your market so that you can generate rapid results. I don’t include any fluff, just straight methods that work like crazy.

Q: I’m a newbie, will this be too difficult?
A: NO. As you can see from the reviews the material is very simple for beginners to digest. Also, if you’re an intermediate or advance marketer you’ll find new methods that you can assemble into your arsenal as well. I have seo professionals like André W. Klein with years of experience thanking me for my methods so this course is for ANY webmaster that wants to improve their search engine traffic and rankings regardless of experience level.

Q: Does GKC contain old rehashed information I can find on the web?
A: No way! All of the methods are modern and up to date. I don’t include outdated rubbish like other seo guides as there is tons of information online about it. Everything in the guide has been acquired from experience and NOT compiled from secondary sources like many products are.

Q: I want to make a lot of money so I can finally quit my job, is this program for me?
A: Why not? Keyword research is the fundamental of any online business. If you don’t know the right keywords to target then you’ll never generate quality traffic from search engines. This course shows you how to conduct high-depth keyword research for phenomenal results.

Q: I’m not very technical and can barely send an email. Will I be able to use this?
A: Yes! I’m considered a master teacher by many of my clients as proven in the reviews, and will make the learning process smooth and easy. I include many examples, screenshots, and custom illustrations so that customers will easily digest the content.

Q: Can I use this for local marketing?
A: Of course! In matter of fact you’ll probably be able to dominate local competition with ease using these methods.

Q: I live international, will these methods work?
A: These methods will work regardless of your geographic location, so to answer your question YES.

Q: Can I use this for my WordPress site?
A: YES! The beauty about these methods is that it’s truly “platform independent.” You can use these methods if you have a static site, wordpress site, joomla site, drupal site, vbulltein site, affiliate site, or insert ANY type of site.

Q: Any previous knowledge needed?
A: No Experience Necessary. Basic computing knowledge should suffice. If you know how to open and send emails and use Facebook then you should be fine.