How To Get Leads From LinkedIn

How To Get Leads From LinkedIn

Finally! A Tested and Proven Way to be a List Building MONSTER Through LinkedIn…

And converting more high-earning professionals faster than ever possible!

The days of buying software after software, trying training after training, and still not succeeding are over!

I know you’re like me you’ve bought 110 list building software but they’re just laying dormant on your desktop,

You’ve tried to use them but their just too complicated or they just don’t do what it said on the tin.

Let me ask you a question
Are you building a list with them? How many have you really built?

How many have you turned into real buying customers? How many have used your services? Be honest now and you know what? LinkedIn has made it super easy for you to start building a list with rapid fans if you know how to set up the system. 

LinkedIn Cracked

I’ve been working on cracking linked in for over 3 years. I saw how the traditional social media outlets were slowly fading and growing saturated…

I knew there would be a new way to build lists for free and I was going to find it no matter what….

So here it is, after 3 years of learning and 8 months of testing… I can confidently bring you…


Take Advantage of Microsofts newest $26Billion Investment

  • Yes, Microsoft bought LinkedIn!
  • Yes, they paid 26 billion dollars!
  • Yes, that is a ton of money!

But that means they saw LinkedIn potentially being worth 50 or 100 billion.

This makes it a worthy investment, and if Microsoft sees that you should too.
It’s no wonder why they chose LinkedIn….
Did you know…
Linked In is the Top lead generator of all the social media platforms?

LinkedIn makes up of 80%+ of a businesses social media leads…

Over Facebook’s and Twitter’s 6% and 12%


LinkedIn converts Better 

LinkedIn Traffc converts way better than other social media conversion rates combined.

This mostly due to the fact that people on Linked In are serious…and they mean business.

LinkedIn has over 500 million members and over 1 million groups 
This number will only grow and the popularity of groups will play a key function in how we expertly build strong lists through LinkedIn.
But not only that….
You have tons of ways of connecting with your next customer…
  • 1st Connections
These people are in your circle. You can freely and openly network with them. They will be crucial to growing your circle in order to reach more people.
  • 2nd Connections
These are people you can network with, but not necessarily join into your circle. These people are crucial because this will rapidly increase you’re circle, making you open to the huge pool of hot, high earning leads out there.
  • Referrals and Recommendations
You can honor any of your 1st connections and they will return the favor with recommendations of their own. You can also ask your connections for referrals. This is a big way to get in front of the right people that you know will want your services.
And most importantly of all
  • Viewed My Profile
LinkedIn allows you to see who has viewed your profile, and network with them. This is huge. Imagine being able to network with the cold traffic that comes to your website, you’ll be able to convert that customer better right? Same concept applies here…
This is why its crucial to grow your circle…
The more connections opens you up to more potential customers EXPONENTIALLY…
That’s why you can’t be a wall-flower…
You have to be the Beacon of Light
…that draws people in… And provides them with value
Your profile needs to be professional and it needs to stand out.

It’s got to have every point covered so that when someone stumbles upon you’re profile…