Internet Marketing Content PLR

Internet Marketing Content PLR

“Would You Like to Learn How to Transform Mere Pennies Into Thousands of Dollars…”

“Discover How You Can Instantly Acquire Expert Content, Even Rich Membership Site Content, and Use It to Brand Yourself as an Authority”… Starting Today!

I Use “Other People’s Content”, or OPC. And it’s all legal.

I’ve invested a huge amount of money in premium private label rights content (PLR), and then either uploaded it to my membership sites as is, or used it as the basis for my own unique spin on the content. Actually, I could have done a lot more with it, but haven’t, but we’ll talk more about that later on…

You’re probably acquired some PLR yourself, and you may or may not be using it well… or you might have a bad taste in your mouth because not all PLR is created equally. Thankfully, I’ve developed a 6th sense for detecting the crud that I wouldn’t waste my members time with, and the premium stuff that is like gold, or platinum, or quality diamonds.

That’s why I spent $32,000 in one transaction, and acquired a huge library of content in one fell swoop (more on that later). And over the years, I’ve spent many tens of thousands of dollars regularly, without a worry in the world.

Looking back, that $32,000 purchase, that gave me the confidence, was one of the best investments I’ve made, but certainly not the only one.

Now I understand, you probably don’t want to risk that kind of money, so I’m not going to ask you to do so.

But you do have an opportunity to piggy back onto some of my BEST content today, so please keep reading. I promise it will be worth your time.

The important question for you, for today, for the long term health of your business is…

How can you START profiting from content if you don’t know how to make it yourself?

Luckily, the answer is pretty simple. We’ll even share it with you – Premium (and extremely high-quality) PLR (private label rights)!

Did you know you can take already-written transcripts…

or mini-reports…

… or even entire ebooks….

… or 5 part series of the mini-reports to make an ebook-sized compilation/collection….

Some PLR licenses allow you to take the above, compile them in your OWN product and claim ownership under your OWN name. But not all PLR is the same, and not all licenses are the same, you need to read the terms of each one.

Like I said before, there’s lots of different kinds of PLR… and lots of ways you can transform the “pennies on a dollar” into cold hard cash!

That means you can sell your creation and keep 100% of the profits!

We have already taken advantage of that… and the results have been stellar.


Isn’t that grand?

We didn’t have to create ANY of the 3 products we sold above….

We just bought the PLR rights to them!

But that’s not as important as….

What About YOU?

What if you don’t have everything set up for you yet?.

How can you get that kind of authority leverage that takes others decades or forever to create?…

… within less than 24 hours?

Ask yourself: What’s starting between you and the kinds of online success you’ve always dreamed about?

It could be you are not yet perceived as THE authority people want to buy from.

Think about it! If you’re in the market for an exciting new product online, who do YOU want to buy it from?

Joe Earlobe down the street…

Or the marketing authority that everyone follows and trusts and buys from?

It can take YEARS to generate enough authority content that people look at you and go “WOW that person is leading the pack”!

But what if…

You could take advantage of a boatload of premium content, consisting of over 235,000 words…

…. so virtually *whatever* Evergreen IM topic you’d like to share knowledge on…. or to use as the basis to add your own unique voice to…

… is at your fingertips and ready to go?

Wouldn’t that be grand?

Just think the profit-creating edge you’ll have when YOU are perceived to be THE authority online!

It can:

Encourage people to follow YOU! – when you show you have the answers, people will look to you for guidance online

Help you immediately create an Authority Site – Just add the content to your blog

Increase your affiliate earnings – The more people who follow you, the more who see your promos!

What would YOU do with this kind of edge?

How many lives could YOU change by the insights you share?

But yep… the thing is, like we mentioned before….

It can take YEARS to create this kind of valuable content!

Why wait that long….

When you can download hundreds of pages of premium evergreen Internet Marketing Content….


And begin using that today?


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