Best Tools to Boost Your Success

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The following tools that I’m about to share with you are some of my most valuable assets that I use to run my entire business. Now, it’s true that tools are just tools until someone who’s knowledgeable actually puts them to good use.

But if you’re looking for some new resources that can help you scale and generate more sales – then you really can’t go wrong with the tools I’m about to share with you. So, let’s get into what some of those resources are…

1.) Aweber

Aweber is the email marketing solution I recommend to new business owners. The reason why I chose them rather than the competition is because of their really low cost and great reputation. These guys have been one of the leading email service providers since 1998.

For my business, I want the best and having Aweber as my email marketing solution gives me freedom of mind. The interface is straight forward, the autoresponder does its job and the high deliverability rate is icing on the cake.

2.  Domain Names and Web Hosting

 Domain names and web hosting aren’t actually necessary. In theory, you can get all your new subscribers directly through advertising and social media. That said though, it’s definitely advisable that you get web hosting and a domain name in order to get more conversions and to make your mailing list seem that much more professional.

Of course, the vast majority of people reading this will know precisely what this means and what the usefulness of domain names and web hosting is… but just in case you’re scratching your head: the domain name is the web address you will use (, whereas the web hosting means you’ll have space on the web in order to store files. You need web hosting to have a website in other words and then you’ll need a domain name as a means for people to locate and view those files.

Most hosting packages also provide domain names and getting both at the same time will help you to keep things simple and to save money.

Add Credibility to Your Online Business with Namecheap

There are thousands of different hosting services out there with different strengths and weaknesses in each case. The one that I’m going to recommend for the purposes of this book is BlueHost. BlueHost is a large and well-known hosting provider with reasonable rates and a good quality service. It also comes packed with useful features. WordPress is very easy to install (WordPress is a tool that helps you build and edit websites) while you’ll also get a control panel with easy access to a file manager, e-mail client and more.

Of course if you’d rather shop around that’s fine too. Just make sure to do your research to avoid getting a website that’s plagued with down-time or that isn’t easy to set up and use.

When choosing your domain name, you should try to pick something unique, memorable and descriptive. If you have a company and a brand already then this might be easy, otherwise you will have to come up with something that speaks to what your site is about and that helps you to ‘rank’ on Google.

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3.) Leadpages

Great design is good business… if you’ve had trouble in the past with converting your traffic into red-hot leads then Leadpages may just be the solution to your issue. When it comes to making sales, getting targeted traffic is only half of the equation. You also need to be able to convert that traffic at a high rate.

Leadpages makes it easy to set-up high-converting landing pages in just minutes. I use this service for all of the landing pages that I set up for my business and after testing out their designs, I wouldn’t go back to the previous “amateur” designs that I was using before.


WordPress Themes with a bang

Shared Hosting starting at $1.99/month

Nexcess Magento Hosting

The Money Is In The List

If you had to pick just one tool from above – I would recommend Aweber. Most marketers who get started in this industry go directly to the hit-and-run method of affiliate marketing. While it’s possible to make a good amount of money with this method, it’s short-term money.

This is something that took me awhile to understand but I feel many people could benefit greatly from learning this. When I was building niche sites selling ClickBank products the traffic eventually died out and the commissions stopped coming in.

But if you create an email list – you can market your products to them over and over again for a much longer period of time. Especially, if you’re successful in creating a relationship with your leads. Once you have them on your list, the traffic never dries up and the commissions will keep coming in. The money is truly in the list…

Build Your First List.

A list of email subscribers that you have to build a relationship with, share some valuable content and tips with. The people on your list already know who you are.

We shall target the internet marketing and make money online niches since it’s a very Big niche and one of the easiest to start with as a newbie, it will also teach you a lot of things and there are lots of new people entering into this area on a daily basis.

After you build your first list, you can then leverage that list and turn it into thousands of new subscribers over the next several weeks.

What we will discuss next is how to start your first small list.

Shared Hosting starting at $1.99/month

You need an auto-responder:

The first and most important thing you will need to build and manage your mailing list is an autoresponder. An autoresponder is basically a tool that lets you send e-mails out to large groups of people, that stores your addresses and that lets you easily manage them. Autoresponders also allow you to easily build your own opt-in forms which are the little forms you’ll place on your site for people to join up.

This is the service that will allow you to market your list after they subscribe from your landing page/squeeze page.

I only recommend two auto-responders that are very popular and mostly the big marketers are using them, which are:

  1. Aweber if you want to use aweber Click Here
  2. Getresponse if you want to use Getresponse Click Here

 Both of Them offer 1 Free Month trial.

After you register for an auto responder you will also need a landing page creator which are

  1. Profit Builder
  2. Landing page monkey

 Note: If you find that the landing page creators are expensive, I will recommend done for you landing pages where you will not need any landing page creator.

Here is an Example

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