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Join us to learn how to using the right ingredients can help you create an email in 30 minutes or less. We’ll cover the basics on what you’ll need before you start – images, logo and text. You’ll learn what size images you should blend into the email, how to match your logo, and the best tools to write your text in. Plus we’ll talk about different types of emails, such as welcome email, event, or promotion and what to mix into them for success. This is a webinar is geared toward beginner or intermediate attendees.


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Our newest feature in the VerticalResponse platform allows you to segment your list based on a multitude of campaign-level actions





In pre-Internet days, official company letterhead was used for all communications, external and internal.

Typed on branded bond paper

Placed in a branded envelope

Included a business card with the company’s logo on it.

How, fast forward to today when 87% and higher of a company’s communications takes place through email.

Understanding Email Branding

  • Why is email branding important? You want to make an impression.
  • People are busy, and having a good branding element enables its message to stand out or differentiate your email in the recipient’s crowded inbox.
  • Emails present an opportunity to expand a company’s image and awareness while demonstrating its professionalism
  • Email addresses speak volumes about their owners and the image they are trying to portray.
  • Consistency in your branding is important!

The Email

Will Your Email Ever Get Read? 

The biggest complaint we hear is, “My inbox is crammed full of hundreds of emails every day because I am on so many lists.”

Remember the last section we talked about list segmentation.  Always optimize email with segmentation.

Know who is on your list and what they are doing.  Know buyers’ behaviors.  This helps decide frequency and type of messages.

Why doesn’t my email get opened?

There are many reasons an email might not get opened.  Below are just a few examples of things to be watching for and checking out if your emails do not seem to be getting opened by your subscribers.

  • Ineffective subject line – It’s got to be relevant and compelling.
  • Bad timing – Experiment by sending your campaign on different days (and times).
  • List Fatigue – Sending your campaigns too frequently.
  • Poor list quality – If you’re using a very old list, many addresses have probably gone bad.
  • Your content just sucks – If you’re not providing compelling, content, people aren’t going to open it. They don’t just want to hear from you – they want something useful from you.

The Email:  From Field & Subject Line

Two main factors that drive the open rate are the From Field and Subject Line.  “Who is it from and what’s in it for me?”

Your recognition factor – The ‘from’ field is at times the most important factor motivating your subscriber to open emails. People are more likely to open an email from a sender they recognize.

The “from” field – Keep the “from” field the same over time.  If you’re just starting out, your open rates may be low because you’re unknown. As you develop email relationships, keep the ‘from’ name the same over time so you can benefit from the brand you’ve built thus far. This should improve your open rate.

Subject line – This single line is where the subscribers will determine whether they open the email or delete.  Your subject line has to grab their attention.

Subject line Criteria

Don’t Mislead – The CAN-SPAM Act prohibits deceptive subject lines.  The subject needs to reflect your content.

Avoid ‘promotional’ words or phrases – “Special offer”, “Free”, “Limited time”, “Buy now” are all certain to get trapped by a spam filter or deleted by the reader.

But at times these kinds of subject lines will get the highest opened rates from those that do get through.  Everyone likes something for free or a special offer.

Personalize – {!firstname_fix}  This personalization is a feature used with most email services that allow you to send out emails with the customer’s name included in the email.  The fix you notice in the prefix above is added to fix any errors in the name such as capitalization of the first letter of the name.

Many time those subscribing to your list will use all caps or all lower case when typing and this will help correct the problem to help you look more professional when sending out your emails.