Top Five FREE Traffic Sources

Top 5 Affiliate Traffic Sources

Hello Guys, and welcome to This video all concerning traffic sources. . you can use these traffic ways for with regards to something you wan’t, however being associate affiliate seller, this is often what i use them largely with, and that they work well with them too. i am planning to be listing my high 5 traffic sources, ranging from worst to best. bear in mind that you simply will not realize Google on this list, and thats as a result of it’s truly one amongst my least doubtless traffic sources to use. therefore thereupon being same, lets jump straight into it!

5. Facebook

Coming in at the amount 5 slot, I even have chosen facebook. By building an addict page in your niche, you’ll be able to produce a recylclable supply of targeted traffic that you’ll be able to use for complimentary time and time once more.
The 3 things that i feel ar a requirement for any respectable Facebook cluster or Fanpage, ar as follows. A great looking branded header that is going to let a new visitor know you are serious about your page. A steady stream of great new content that your members can read and make use of, this doesnt have to be your own content, and real user discussion, which lets people know that questions will be answered, and advice will be given.
It would be higher up on the list, but it actually takes a while to build up your fanbase to a decent size without using pay per click. There are ways that you can build up a fanpage for free, and I’m more than happy to show you that in a seperate vidio if this one gets more than 30 thumbs up!

4. Google Alerts

The Google Alerts method takes the number 4 spot, which is all about being quick of mark. You can set up email alerts to let you know about new content surrounding your keyword, as soon as google crawls it! All you need to do is go to and do as I do onscreen to be notified by email as soon as the content arrives. How you can get traffic is up to you. I use both a short term way and a long term way. The short term way is really simple. Just leave a decent comment on the article or post, and leave a link back to either the raw affiliate link, or a monetized blog post of your own.
This way obviously has high risk of not getting published, but if you leave enough quality comments you will at least get a few of the comments going through, as well as giving you some minor seo benefits.
The longer term method involves simply prospecting the content owner and asking them if you can guest post on there site. You may not even get a reply but it’s an easy way to get some of the highest quality traffic available.

3. Yahoo Answers

At number three we have Yahoo answers. What? Was that a collective groan I just heard? Guys, hear me out! If done correctly, Yahoo Answers is an absoloute powerhouse when it comes to long term traffic. Seriously, if you can get just a couple of correctly placed Yahoo answers to stick, you can garuntee traffic for years to come. Keep your answers short and informative, and wait for the right time to post your link, and you’ll see a sharp increase in traffic, followed by a sharp decrease in traffic, followed by a steady line of traffic that comes in through google. I’ll admit that it can be difficult to get this right, but if theres enough interest, I can make a seperated video dedicated to this subject in the next couple of days. Let me know in the comments.

2. Reddit

Claiming the number two position is Reddit, the self proclaimed “frontpage of the Internet”. I have found reddit to be a great source of traffic in pretty much all niches except the work from home niche, but the quality of the traffic tends to get better when you swing towards the gaing slash hobbiest sort of areas. Although the traffic quality can be quite small, it really is a case of safety in numbers, and one manual subbmision will usually net me traffic between the numbers of 500 uniques to 5000 uniques a day for a short period of time. Massive shoutout to Jay Wesseman from “ for bringing reddit to my attention. I’m the guy who really shies away from any other social network that isn’t Facebook and Twitter, but I wish I’d included reddit in my aresenal earlier.
Be positive to add a reddit sumbit button to your list of social media icons on your web site, and hope for the most effective. you’ll simply produce associate account and submit your link manually tho’, its not laborious at all!


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