What Is List Segmentation?

What Is List Segmentation?

Definition of List Segment – Subset of a mailing list consisting of records that match specific criteria.

As promised in the last section I would be covering list segmentation.  This is very important to the success of your Marketing campaigns.

Each list that you have you will for the most part handle a little different.  If nothing more it will be used for just sending out different information pertaining to the product or services they just opted in to receive.

You also will want to set up a different marketing campaign for those that have just opted in for a free offer, and those that have opted in after purchasing from you.

If the list is a list built from a squeeze page that is offering a free offer and they have bought nothing from you yet.  You will set up your email marketing campaign with the goal to get them to purchase and become a paying customer.

If the list you are marketing to is built of subscribers that have opted in after purchasing a high-end coaching program for instance, you will not want to tick them off by just promoting to them over and over again.  Your goal will be to set that campaign up to deliver the information you will be providing to your high-end coaching students to give them the help they need.

For example, you may be holding a webinar and you will only be sending out the information for your coaching students to attend.

If you segment your list properly you will now have the capabilities to send the desired message to the desired target audience.

For email to be relevant, your email lists need to be well targeted.  If you are sending out messages to the wrong targeted audience it will not make sense to them and just lead to confusion and unsubscribes.

Successful marketers understand that in order to get the best results, that list must be segmented and broken into multiple groups.

An optimal segmentation strategy can lead to better email responses, providing you with higher open rates, and increased conversions that see subscribers turned to customers.

 No two consumers are identical, meaning you should not treat all the subscribers on your mailing list exactly the same. 

The most important part of the process is to properly define the criteria to use for list segmentation. Whatever you decide on, make sure each segment has its own unique message.

You will notice much lower unsubscribe rates than those who send the same email to everyone on their list.

Easiest list segmentation is:  Segment by purchase activity.

  • Send an email to people who have purchased a particular product
  • Those who have spent a certain amount of money.
  • Send an email to your most loyal customers.
  • Send to those that signed up for your FREE offers.

Your job is to know your list and who is on it and what they have purchased or not have purchased from you.

Below you will find a flow chart showing you a very easy and simple way of setting up your list segmentation.  The following chart is the very minimal segmentation you should be using.

The example below is set up by sending them to your sales page.  It could also be set up the same way by adding one more step and sending them to your squeeze page first.

The first part of the process is when they come to your sales page and they decide to not purchase and exit your page.

You would send them an option through something like and exit pop offering them a free gift as a way of thanking them for showing up.  If they choose to take you up on your free offer they will enter their name and email and they will be taken through the thank you and optin process and end up on the lit you set up labeling them as those that have not purchased. 

Now through your follow up email series you can target them with specific emails that will continue the pre-sell process to get them to buy the offer you had just offered them or other Niche specific products you have or affiliate products.

The next step is set up for those that come to your sales page and decide to make the purchase.

They will be taken to the One Time Offer page once they have made their initial purchase and given the choice to purchase the OTO product you have set up.

If they choose to not purchase the OTO they will be sent to tan opt-in page that will thank them for their purchase and ask them where the best place to send the download page to is.  They will enter the appropriate name and email and will be place on the list you have set up for your front end only buyers.

Your follow up messages will take over now and begin sending out the emails that are appropriate for those that have purchased the front-end product and have not yet purchased the OTO.  You may have emails set up that will continue to presell the OTO until they have purchased or you are satisfied that they will not purchase that particular product and will move on.

Remember if they purchase the OTO product through your preselling in your follow up email series make sure you move them to the list of those that purchase the OTO.

You simply send them to a page thanking them once again for the purchase and ask them where they want you to send the product download page to.

The last list in this series is for those that go on and purchase the OTO from the initial process you have set up.

If they choose to make the OTO purchase you simply send them to the page thanking them and asking for the best place to send the product download page to that will ensure they get the product they just purchased.

As you can see by segmenting your list you will have done your job and will know who is on your list.  You may not know them by name yet and some you never will.  But you will know who is on the list by what they have purchased and how much they have spent and how much they are willing to go through your process that you have set up.

There are many other features that your autoresponder may supply that will allow you to send emails out to different segments of your list as well.

Some of the features we are going to discuss now are included in the Aweber autoresponder service that I highly recommend you check out and use.

Aweber seems to be on top of things and knows what is needed for you to correctly market to your list and their deliverability is second to none in my opinion.

The first feature is the availability you have to only send out to those who chose to open up your emails or those that did not open your emails.

Aweber has a feature that allows you to see who has opened up the emails you send, and who has not.

This allows you to target only those that you desire to send out your next message to.

If the person has opened your email already you can choose to not send to that person so they do not get upset with you bombarding them with emails after they have already seen your message.

You may choose to only send out your next message to those that did not open yet for whatever reason.

This allows you to do things like change your subject line and try something new to get them to open.

You also will be able to see those that may have chosen to open your message but did not take the desired action.  Now you can target them separately from those that did take action.

Aweber also has a couple other nice features that allow you to send out targeted emails to specific groups within each of your lists and to exclude or include whichever lists you want.

You may only want to target those that have signed up to a certain list that have only been on the list for the past week, or maybe those that have been on the list for a year or more.

By choosing to do this you can target appropriately those that need to receive certain messages.

Maybe those that have been on for a year or more it is time to wake them back up and get them active again.

Or maybe you choose not to send those that just got on your list certain promotions or emails that do not pertain to them as of yet.

You also have a feature that will allow you to send out to all of your lists at the same time or make the decision to send out to only certain lists contained within your autoresponder.

You may only want to send out to the lists that contain those that have never purchased from you.  Or maybe those that, have bought the front-end products but have never bought anything further.

You may have lists that you know contain people that are interested in PLR products or resell rights products.

The possibilities are endless when you have these features available to you to use.

I guess I would have to say that if you are not using them and you have them available to you, you are not marketing to the best of your capabilities.